Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Creating Letters in Latex with Letterhead and Scanned Signature

With graduation nearing and my fervent attempts at applying for Post Doc positions, I am required to sometimes write a cover letter and include my signature. I feel that using Adobe PDF writer to make a stamp of my scanned signature is cumbersome, as I need to rely on using a Windows machine for that step or install Adobe PDF Writer on my Mac.

So I searched and came to this solution. One awesome reference is from Dr. Balkrishna@WSU He has generously uploaded his templates here. I have modified them slightly to include my scanned signature.

Another option is to use the example by Robert McNees here.

My final PDF looks like this. Source file for generating your own letter:

The original newlfm package manual can be browsed here.

Note: Using the VT Logo is at your own responsibility. I have used it for illustrative purposes.

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